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Most people use webcams to talk to other people over the internet. Some people use them for business presentations, some use them to make humorous videos which are then posted on the internet and bring them fame and fortune. But webcams aren’t just for being seen - they’re for seeing, too. Developed by surveillance specialist firm PySoft (which, incidentally, also makes some nifty graphic design programs - who would’ve thought?), Active Webcam allows you to look through your webcam devices from anywhere, at any time. It is a bit of a confronting thought, but this piece of software (free to try, and use too if you don’t mind a nagging screen) has some very specific purposes which we’ll look at.
Active Webcam isn’t, first of all, meant for spying on other people or surreptitious detective work around your neighbourhood. For a start, it lets you broadcast as well as receive video, a well-implemented feature which can boost your teleconferencing power as well as potentially enabling you to narrowcast live video to your friends or bands of followers (as long as they’re motivated enough to also install the program). It has a motion sensor which can be rigged to email you on detection of movement, a feature meant for monitoring small children or your house when you’re away. This doesn’t work as often as it might but it’s still a helpful and well-meant feature, one which means you don’t have to be on duty 24/7 to keep a watchful eye.
Add in strong HTTP and FTP connectivity, a user-friendly yet professional interface and even basic editing features, and Active Webcam something which is on first glance a home surveillance platform but actually has a lot more to offer. The only tricky bit is setting up the cameras themselves, and you’ll probably have more difficulty with the wiring than the software interface itself.

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Reviewed by Mark Yeow
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